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Our Contribution

We are

Curious about how Rented is making a positive impact on the environment?
Dive in to learn more about our eco-friendly practices.




LG FullHD TV 32"

3.50 kg /month

Nintendo Switch

1.5 kg /month

ViewSonic VA2432-H

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Our Commitment to Sustainability 

We're dedicated to promoting sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Rented is all about contributing to a greener, more responsible way of living:

1. Circular Economy

2. Reducing Consumption

Extending product lifecycles, reducing waste, and minimizing manufacturing.

Renting over buying means less resource-intensive production.

3. Community Building

4. Future Goals

Building a strong sense of community among users, fostering responsible and sustainable consumption practices.

We are constantly working towards more sustainable practices and supporting environmental causes through our platform.

How does it work?


First, we do calculation

To make a meaningful change, we first need to understand our carbon footprint. We carefully calculate the CO2 emissions generated by our operations, including transportation, energy use, and more. This step helps us identify where we can make the most significant reductions.

1 week Delivery

We collect data from trustworthy sources such as manufacturers and independent studies. 

1 week Delivery

We evaluate the CO2 emissions generated throughout its lifecycle to determine its monthly contribution.

1 week Delivery

To offset emissions, we contribute to certified offsetting projects across the world.

1 week Delivery

Instead of producing new items, we prioritize reusing and recycling. This approach significantly reduces waste and minimises carbon footprint.


Then we offset

We recognize that not all emissions can be eliminated. To counteract the carbon impact of our products, we invest in eco-friendly initiatives. Through partnerships with offsetting projects, we are actively working to offset carbon emissions.

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