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Cost-Effective Solutions

Our subscription model enables your company to provide high-value benefits in a cost-effective and simple way.

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Elevate your company culture and reward your employees with the freedom to choose from a wide array of Premium products.

Flexibility and Choice

We offer a wide range of product options; your employees can choose a product that suits their needs.

Why Choose Rented?
Boost Employee Loyalty

We offer a unique reward system, giving employees the opportunity to own a leased product after two years of service.

Easy Administration

Manage all the subscriptions of your employee in one place with an easy and clear dashboard.

How to proceed?


Sign up

Register your company on our platform and customize your benefits program based on your preferences.


Employee Enrollment

Invite your employees to explore the benefits program. Each employee selects their desired product subscription.


Enjoy the Benefits

Employees receive their chosen products with ease.
Boost employee satisfaction and engagement.

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